5 Ways to Get Traction in the Marketplace

By: Terrie Ard, APR, CPRC on April 16, 2015

Knowing what consumers want from your brand is critical. The next step is to gain traction in the marketplace. By mastering these five key essentials, your brand will begin to grow and your business will start to see results.

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The 7 Key Elements of a Brand

By: Jordan Jacobs, APR on April 14, 2015

A brand is not what you say it is but rather what they say it is. If there’s one thing I've learned, it’s that branding is personal – to you and to your target audiences. You want to build a brand that represents your core values and service offerings, and one that resonates with your target audience. To do that, here is a quick checklist to ensure your brand has the right focus.

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What is a Brand?

By: Terrie Ard, APR, CPRC on April 09, 2015

Consumers today have an overabundance of choices and a shortage of time. As our world evolves, an increasing number of companies and brands are vying for our attention, money and loyalty. To make things even more difficult, the gap between the features and offerings from products and services is becoming smaller every day. Read why branding is so important.

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Do’s and Don’ts for Working Successfully with the Capitol Press Corps During Session

By: Shannon Colavecchio on April 08, 2015

The media are increasingly stretched thin – and in Tallahassee, perhaps never more so than during the 60-day Legislative Session that runs through the beginning of May. Here are a few big Do’s and Don’ts for working with reporters in a way that respects their time and deadlines while also helping your client.

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Into the Morning: What Zach Deputy Can Teach You About Branding.

By: Eric Pounders on April 07, 2015

Like a great song, a brand has many individual elements working together to support the larger entity. Have you ever been to a concert and someone plays the wrong note or uses an instrument that is out of tune? It ruins the experience. The same can be said for a brand. See how one musician has created a perfect musical representation of building a brand.

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Heels Leave Powerful Footprints: Six Female Leaders Share Their Insights on Leadership and Success

By: Emily Read, APR on March 31, 2015

On the final day of Women’s History Month, I asked some of Florida's most renowned female leaders and business owners to share their stories with me – specifically, their thoughts on leadership, motivation and success. Read on to learn more about these dynamic women. I bet you’ll be inspired to leave your own mark on the world.

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We Can Do It: Five Women Focused Campaigns That Did It Right

By: Jordan Jacobs, APR on March 24, 2015

Gone are the days of the Mad Men era of advertising that featured women as only stay at moms and housewives. Female stereotypes and generalizations have long been part of major advertising campaigns. Some brands have come under fire about advertisements featuring an unhealthy focus on appearance. However, some brands are beginning to encourage girls and young women to think differently. In honor of Women's History Month, here are five campaigns that scream Girl Power!

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5 Ways to Build an Effective Inbound Marketing Plan

By: Amy McIlwain on March 19, 2015

Gone are the days we could rely only on traditional “outbound” marketing strategies. If you are not providing your prospective consumers with the information, they will find it somewhere else. This is where Inbound Marketing comes in. If you are not sure where to start with creating an inbound marketing strategy, here are 5 things to consider to get you started.

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Blast Off: 4 Ways to Launch Your Brand So It Gets Noticed

By: Emily Read, APR on March 13, 2015

With about a quarter of a million new product launches globally each year, and countless established brands seeking to make a big splash with their news, it’s not easy to get the publicity you want. But, it’s possible to break through the clutter, as the success of our I’m In campaign illustrates. Here are a few of the ways we did it.

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2015 Edition of The Social Advisor: The Latest Strategies and Compliance Practices

By: Amy McIlwain on March 10, 2015

The number of professionals getting involved with social media continues to increase, yet advisors still have urgent questions about social media before they can feel confident using it. The Social Advisor reveals cutting-edge social media secrets that are rapidly changing financial services marketing as we know it.

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