We Can Do It: Five Women Focused Campaigns That Did It Right

By: Jordan Jacobs, APR on March 24, 2015

Gone are the days of the Mad Men era of advertising that featured women as only stay at moms and housewives. Female stereotypes and generalizations have long been part of major advertising campaigns. Some brands have come under fire about advertisements featuring an unhealthy focus on appearance. However, some brands are beginning to encourage girls and young women to think differently. In honor of Women's History Month, here are five campaigns that scream Girl Power!

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5 Ways to Build an Effective Inbound Marketing Plan

By: Amy McIlwain on March 19, 2015

Gone are the days we could rely only on traditional “outbound” marketing strategies. If you are not providing your prospective consumers with the information, they will find it somewhere else. This is where Inbound Marketing comes in. If you are not sure where to start with creating an inbound marketing strategy, here are 5 things to consider to get you started.

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Blast Off: 4 Ways to Launch Your Brand So It Gets Noticed

By: Emily Read, APR on March 13, 2015

With about a quarter of a million new product launches globally each year, and countless established brands seeking to make a big splash with their news, it’s not easy to get the publicity you want. But, it’s possible to break through the clutter, as the success of our I’m In campaign illustrates. Here are a few of the ways we did it.

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2015 Edition of The Social Advisor: The Latest Strategies and Compliance Practices

By: Amy McIlwain on March 10, 2015

The number of professionals getting involved with social media continues to increase, yet advisors still have urgent questions about social media before they can feel confident using it. The Social Advisor reveals cutting-edge social media secrets that are rapidly changing financial services marketing as we know it.

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Moment Marketing: How to capitalize on real-time events

By: Eric Pounders on March 09, 2015

With brands and companies constantly battling for click throughs and conversions, creating content that is timely, relevant and engaging is becoming more and more difficult. We are the “NOW” generation and crave content about what is happening around us. So how do you capitalize on real-time events grounded in smart, sound strategy? Here are three ways to be successful with moment marketing.

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Four Signs Your Media Event Was a Success

By: Jordan Jacobs, APR on February 16, 2015

Holding a successful media event is harder than ever as public relations professionals are competing with an unparalleled number of events and brand activations, and the media are working harder than ever doing the jobs of two and three people. The challenging atmosphere makes it even more important to ensure your media event will stand out, interest the media and ultimately drive them to take action. Here are four signs that confirm whether your organization’s media event was a success.

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Expanding MCG’s Footprint: An Exciting Path to a New Social Media Age

By: Karen Moore, APR, CPRC on February 10, 2015

How could I have imagined a quarter century ago that we would need to include platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter in our communications tactics for clients? How could the MCG team have imagined even a decade ago that brands could be strengthened and shaped with Twitter chats, Pinterest pages and Instagram campaigns? But that is the reality of today. Social media now has to be an integral part of every communications campaign. We recognize this, and knew it was time to strengthen our social media expertise. While our team was seeing great success for clients, we also saw the horizon and the rapid developments happening in the social media realm. Read more for our BIG announcement.

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2015 Tallahassee ADDY Award Winners

By: Eric Pounders on February 08, 2015

Over the weekend the local Tallahassee club hosted the 2015 American Advertising Awards gala, Advertising in the Age of Opulence. Work from agencies, freelancers and students was on display and the talent in this market is first class. Check out all the work that earned awards this year.

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Go Red! Three Keys to Building Healthy Hearts, Healthy Workplaces

By: Shannon Colavecchio on February 06, 2015

Today, we celebrate National Wear Red Day, the movement to promote heart health awareness and disease prevention in women. The workplace can be a very un-healthy place. From break room pastries to hours sitting behind a computer screen, the office can be a real momentum killer when it comes to reaching our health goals. But there is a better way. Check out 3 ways to live healthy at your workplace.

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Lead Nurturing

By: Darren Allen on February 05, 2015

At Moore Communications Group, we talk a lot about user-friendly web design and building a website to serve as a strong foundation for your digital marketing efforts. But once that structure is in place, how do you continue to interact with your website visitors to turn them into leads? One proven tactic is lead nurturing. If you aren’t familiar with the term, lead nurturing is a process where you qualify leads by building a digital relationship with them over time. The idea is to engage with these potential clients, until they are ready to buy.

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