Going Vertical: A New Direction for Advertising

By: Rachel Fackender on July 30, 2015

Through popular messaging apps, an upward trend has taken off in advertising. Applications like Snapchat are utilizing a new form of ads solely because it makes engaging simple. Learn more here on the new trend that has the advertising world going vertical.

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The Power of the Hispanic Vote in the United States

Primary elections in the US are a ways away, but presidential candidates are already announcing their intentions to run. Now might be a good time to remind candidates and ourselves of the potential power Hispanics have at the voting booth. Yet while the potential power of the Hispanic vote in the US is strong, it remains untapped. Read more on the influence of the Hispanic vote.

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From Employees to Evangelists: How to Build a Loyal Team

By: Terrie Ard, APR, CPRC on July 23, 2015

It’s no secret that attracting and retaining the best talent is key to long-term business success. From the importance of a steady team to the hidden costs of high turnover, no company can afford to take their people for granted. Hiring and keeping great people is a passion area for me. At MCG, we firmly believe that fostering employee growth and loyalty begins on day one. Our culture of teamwork permeates everything we do, so it’s critical that we embrace each new employee immediately, and instill in them a passion to thrive and succeed. Learn three ways to bring an employee to an evangelist.

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Disrupt NY 2K15: Engineering a Greater Good

By: Donovan Parisi on July 17, 2015

As technology becomes progressively more ingrained into various aspects of our lives, a growing majority of people are familiar with the magical land known as “Silicon Valley.” Whether it is a reference to the popular HBO television show that portrays it as a Redbull fueled haven for geeks and nerds alike, or stories of smart water bottles and 3D-printed organs, our society is mesmerized by the progress and innovation that Silicon Valley represents.

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#SheBelieves: How the Women’s World Cup Dominated Social Media

By: Rachel Fackender on July 16, 2015

After the U.S semifinal victory over Germany, the Women's World Cup Finals quickly became a topic of conversation as fans took to social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat) using a multitude of hashtags: #USWNT, #SheBelieves, #WorldCup. Read more about the amount of activity that took place surrounding this historical event.

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How Financial Advisors Can Leverage LinkedIn to Prospect

Cold calling is very difficult today in B2B, so imagine how much more difficult it is as a Financial Advisor. Today’s consumer is way more informed and savvy, they have the internet at their fingertips and they do their research way before buying or investing. Check out how LinkedIn's Sales Navigator can help eliminate the need to cold call and grow revenue at a record breaking pace.

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How MCG Made an Impact on the Florida Association of Food Banks

By: Jordan Jacobs, APR on June 30, 2015

Through our pro bono community outreach program, employees are encouraged to pursue their Passionality (where passion meets personality) for the good of the company and the community. Here, Emily Read sits down with MCG’s Jordan Jacobs and the Florida Association of Food Bank’s Zach McGee to ask seven questions about their MCG Impact experience.

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MCG Impact gets “On Pointe” working with Tallahassee Ballet

By: Katie Spillman on June 25, 2015

We were pleased to host the Tallahassee Ballet Board of Directors earlier this month for an Innovation Incubation session, as part of our MCG Impact program. Here, Katie Spillman talks about the importance of the arts.

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Tom’s of Maine: A Case Study in Corporate Social Responsibility

By: Fern Senra, APR on June 23, 2015

Many companies have begun to realize that giving back to the environment, community or other causes via corporate social responsibility (CSR) creates greater customer loyalty, employee pride and satisfied investors. This makes corporate social responsibility not only a smart decision for our environment, but also a viable business strategy for companies hoping to build a strong brand that will stand the test of time. One great example of this is Tom's of Maine. See how they incorporated CSR into their business from day 1.

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Corporate Social Responsibility — Do Well by Doing Good

By: Terrie Ard, APR, CPRC on June 18, 2015

In its most basic form, corporate social responsibility (CSR) is the devotion of a company’s time, money and support to social, environmental or economic welfare efforts. The goal of CSR efforts is not to add more funds to the corporate coffers, but simply to foster positive change in the world or the community. When done well, however, not only will a company bring about meaningful change outside its walls, but it will also reap other benefits. Read more about the four primary kinds of corporate social responsibility and what companies have established them as leaders in CSR.

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