New Girl knows social media content

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In the world of social media, developing great content can often be very difficult and stressful. The cast of New Girl helps us walk through the evolution of creating social media content.

You sit down to your desk feeling great about drafting  this week’s content.

You write yourfirst post and it’s awesome!

But then you hit writer’s block and cannot think of anything else to write and get extremely frustrated.

So you call one of your co-workers for a quick brainstorming session to help get the creative juices flowing again.

You finally get all of your content drafted and you go ahead and make your first post but nobody has liked it or commented on it yet.

You finally get the notification that someone left a comment, but it’s negative.

The negative comment got buried by a swarm of positive ones and your fans actually came to your defense. The post has become your most successful to date.

You then experience that false sense of confidence that all of your social content is going to be this successful.

Then somehow the rest of your week’s content falls flat and you can’t understand why that one post was successful.

So how do you create successful social content? Here are three easy tips to help increase your potential for engagement.

  1. Use a visual with every post. The more striking the visual, the more likely it will be liked, shared or commented on. Try to use visuals with little to no text. If you decide to promote the post, it has to abide by the 20% rule that states no more than 20% of your image can be text.
  2. Ask your followers to engage. This seems like a basic step, but by simply asking them to like, comment or share your content, you are much more likely to have the user engage with your page. Make sure to vary your calls to action to keep users engaged. For example, questions and captions are great ways to engage people with your content.
  3. Respond. Set up notifications either via e-mail or mobile phone (or both) to let you know when someone has commented on your post. We are talking about social media here, so make sure you are engaging back. As you build your following it will be easier to interact with every person that comments on your posts, but even as your number of followers grows, make sure to still engage with a handful of people to show your followers you value their comments and engagement.

Incorporating these three  tips will help you build your followers, engagement and brand, and pretty soon you’ll be saying:

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