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2017 Other Session Wrap-Up

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Florida’s annual legislative session gives us quite a show. We see elected state leaders at work — fighting for their causes, fighting with each other.

We see passionate people flock to the Capitol to share their stories on a bigger stage, shining a light on issues that impact the lives of countless others throughout Florida. Legislators who seem committed to improving the lives of the helpless get cheered on. Legislators who seem to waste their important two-month window by fueling grudges get booed. There is a lot to see in 60+ days, and we’re lucky to have front row seats.

The 2017 Florida Legislative Session was not lacking in inspiring OR “Are you kidding me!?” moments. As folks look back, some are happy with the results; others are licking their wounds. Either way, it’s good to be on this side of it. We’re happy to invite you to take a moment and enjoy our 2017 Other Session Wrap Up in partnership with our great friends at LobbyTools. Enjoy!


2017 The Other Session Wrap-Up

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