Hispanic CREO hired Moore Communications Group to create, launch and implement a national integrated communications campaign to inform Hispanic students and their parents about education inequalities. The Futuro2020 campaign was born, empowering the Hispanic community to achieve access to quality education.

Grounded in Research

From conducting extensive research regarding disparities among Hispanic students to leading focus groups to test the campaign logo, tagline, and messaging, the campaign was built on a well-researched foundation.

A Beautiful Brand

From developing the logo and tagline to shooting original photography and producing videography, MCG Latino brought Futuro2020 to life. The brand was executed across posters, signage, t-shirt designs, branded social media platforms, a powerful video series and eye-catching microsite.

Spreading the Word

MCG Latino launched Futuro2020 in Washington, D.C. at a press conference attended by more than 40 media members. Building on launch momentum, MCG Latino created high-impact Relay 4-ED events, established partnerships with leading Hispanic social media ambassadors, and implemented grassroots outreach to key influencers and organizations within the community.

Raising Awareness

Futuro2020 secured more than dozen interviews, including one on the national Steve Malzberg Show, leading to increased awareness and action surrounding the important issue.

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